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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  February 17, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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so take that. he didn't say take that i addeded that for effect. you got me. how do you not let paul mccartney and.nd i don.'t care who you are at the door.r. he comes to the white house you let him in. after they came out to the party they were like did you guys knowu guysnow he wasn't that into your partyty they were like we didn't know we didn't control the door. d that's good for us we are pretty famous.od we are in and he is not. dated a kardashian. didn't say which one. you might now. he's a rapper right. you know me. thanks guys.o good morning 9:00 on thisn this wednesday february 17 i am todd.d and i'm stefani schaefer halfway through i t'mh setefani s chwork week thanks so
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in the headlines a big storyo former cleveland browns playerns playe facing some serious very serious charges find out whatng he ise accused of doing and thethe reaction he's getting from hall of famerct jim brown who he workedwod with. security guard stabbed inside ofside a local hospital who is accusedcu in this attack how this all went down. posted birthday parties at your house and special intimatentie weddings but how would you consider hosting a funeral inting a feral in your house. the latest do it yourself trend we are wondering would you do it. we will read your comments and this morning's a.j. colby doing a little weatherdo ining yo ur school in barberton with the magic's this morning. hi aj. i'll tell you this is a great a great group of kids here.e we've had a few projects that have been fantastic. 3d printersha. making robotic appendages and obviously that drones if you if you
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all right will have moreve more projects coming up for you you shortly. let's have a look at storm fox 12 play radar sholet's have and you can seec an the snowflakes flying moving into cleveland now.w. some light snow a little bitbit more snow up in lake geauga and ashtabula and snow up that could amount to about an inch but hopefullyefully nothing more than a cosmetic oric or a candy coating of snow.n here's a gander at the satellite radare composite you can see theee the great lakes lake effect snow sno behind the system.stem. that front doesn't reallyally contain a whole big chunk of of arctic air it is more pacific inn nature. that will not allow thewill not temperatures to drop that muhechmuch behind the system temperaturesemperatus area. and you can see the forecast t spotty snow showersst from cleveland east especially byy by e along the front heading north toth t south.south 15 tonight..15 flurries and clearing outton it will be colder.der. and then sunshine tomorrow is
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temperatures topped out near 30 it will be nice to have some decent sunshine these cloudsn they can go away. anytime hopefully soon.oon. but tomorrow looks pretty nice.ce will have more coming up rightr here from barberton high schooli and in barberton home of the magic.c. work some magic it may be turnturn things into spring for we could do that. exactly.y. thank you.hank you appreciate it. top story this morningg facingc federal charges now one of the people who trusted him the mchostarges nohim is treheact ing to what he calls a he betrayal. shocking story hall of fame jimjim brown spoke exclusively to fox8 about reggie and the charges that he faces. stacey frey joins us on the t h federal courthouse with more onn the story. t stacey. good morning.he st reggie have worked together for years on an organization that jim brown founded to help
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keep them from turning to crime. rucker was the executiveut director of the organization. soliciting funds localng funds loca organizations. and individual donors.lindivl dono but according to federalaccor of that money to pay off gambling debts in cleveland, las vegas and florida and for things like his mortgage payment and meals.or they estimate he embezzledimate hembez ou over a 4 year period.sand d brown says he severed ties with rucker last march after finding out about his gambling problem. and rucker's attorney says that he will plead guilty to the two charges against him maul fraud and lying to the fbi. you continue to do the work, regardless of what the setbacks are.e. are. if there is a legitimate problem then he has to seek help, and he if the has to pay the price of what he's committed.s to pay we were not able to reach him
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potential 20 year prisontia sentence if he isl 20 y convicted ofof this federal charges against him although we are told it's unlikely he would be sentenced to that much stacey frey live at federal courthouse.e. thanks. thanks. we have developing news happening right now.eight nw. check in with wayne dawson for aawson for look at what is just in. in. knew this morning a restaurantaura forced to close its doors after a fire. colonial eatery a popular restaurant off grid road in road in parma caught fire late lasttet night. city fire officials say the fire started in the kitchen and cause major smoke damage to thehe interior of that restaurant.ant. restaurant was closed at the closedt the time of the fire and the goodhe thing nobody got hurt fire departmentnt has closed of the restaurant until the healthtil theealth department can inspect the smokee damage.amage. authorities investigating the cause of the fire andvesti gat thish i point there is no estimate on on the amount of damage that waswas caused. that is just in back to you guys.s. popular place got a good breakfast. po
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including several children, areg sever being treated in the hospital this morning, after becoming sick from carbon monoxide.ildren being trea t east ohio gas crews were called to a home on sixth avenue in east cleveland, around 9:30 last night. nig. according to east cleveland fireng t mostly children were taken to area hospitals for treatment. it's unclear exactly how manyo victims were affected.mosen to aait's nc their conditionslearfecte are unknown at this time. a security guard is recovering this morning, after beingd.n stabbed during an attack at an akron hospital.on hos police say the 54 year oldpi say th 54 y security guard was working the psych ward at summa health system's saint thomas hospital when a 33 year old patient was taken in last night. investigators say the suspect had hidden knives, and used themsumma healhospital ear olatie to attack the unarmed guard. he underwent surgery last night.nt surgeast nigh the hospital released a statement, saying quote our thoughts and prayers are with our officer and his family. there's no word on his conditiononreleased a te at this time.on his ctiont this me the cleveland police gang impact unit is now looking into the
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police rushed to the krush clothing store on west ninthon westninth street, after reports of shots fired. officers arrested one man money. the store. investigators say no suspects were located inside the store w wmone s outside.e. wee but they d f police say three people have been arrested, but they haven'te been charged.en arrested, b early voting will begin today across ohio, ahead of next month's presidential primary. county boards of elections will allow all registered voters to cast their ballots in person ornrimary. ions wilil by absentee ballot, before thee ball, befo march 15th tarch 15tary. a new law did reduce the number of early voting days, from 35 to 28. it also stopped allowing people to register and vote, at the same time. play ball. indians pitchers and catchers are due to report in goodyear,g days, frg people sa arizona today, for the start of spring training and the team ing train plans to celebrate here in cleveland. the indians will hold a spring training report day party tonight at the happy dog.n cians wilhold a spring why not.t.why ot. it will run from six until eightl tonight, at the west 58th andrun from six u detroit. love those tater tots. in the detroit shoreway
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of the new local food vendors at progressive field this year. by the way, opening day is in 47 days.eeway l also be of the new all right. how many.a 47. sounds good to me.ny. the video was shot last week and a as of this morning the link hadhe link had nearly 50,000 hits the park waspark was founded on 1987 in 1987. 1887 close its doors in 2071 of o the creators says he spent manyt m of his childhood summers at the th park and adds it is very sad toad see what the park has become.t wild water kingdom is in business on the site but the amusement park portion remainsains up for sale.ale. talking about that a few minutes ago my brother and i went theree in 83 we had six shows a day we did. just we felt like we grew up there such a nice park.ik sea world is the parties would go youres woul
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it is sad.sad. take a look at it on the t fa coming up.ceg up. a new strain of the dog flu is s actually making a lot of puppiesies find out what you can do to make mak sure your dog does not catchur this virus. dog doe would you host a funeral at your y house. find out about the latest do it yourself trend.ind out abou we're going to read your comment next in this morning's download.
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[music playing] reason. us for inaugural class inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in 1986. all month long, fox 8 celebrates the sounds of black history. all it's apparently the latest funeral trend throwing a funeral at your house.arently ne turns out more americans arere you r h skipping the mortician for do itore yourself funerals in their amens athe mcian al backyard or living room.s in th the main reasons they're cheaper and offer a more intimate setting. to compare the average funeraluneral cost about 8500 dollars in 2014.
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100 dollars.can host a there are also companies that you can hire that'll take care of services at your we want to know is it something you would consider doing a. kristi joining us with a look atok at your comments in the download certain things that the funeralthat tuneral home directors they know what kind of what people are looking for and you do want peoplewant people showing up at your your use. unless. you don't necessarily know everybody equal your loved oned o new. grade-point people going in your house i don't know who this person is pe.. or a casket and your house.or that's the thing. a casket and y that too could you imaginene trying to turn it sideways.ide when i go to a funeral i have tove have that image in my head for such a long time such an emotional time and then but i can somehow kind of leave thate that leave the church or leave the funeral home in and get away from it.vhe there is that separation in your own home it is like .t is li. it's a different i wouldn't wantn't
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i don't know do you know what, ino w w mean. it is expensive. it is cost effective.ect $8500 to $100. could be more of a party typerty atmosphere. celebration.n. that is true to. i don't know. that's ani don' odd something kind of weird to thinkn k about it get to your comments douglas writes on ourut it get to yo facebook page everything old is new again grandma's dining room wakes andes a funerals there. christina commented on our ou facebook page shoes says this isthis is just how they did it years agos ago and still do in some places.ces. wendy says yes and i have lost my love in 1999 we had a wake at the house to celebrate his life.if his ashes still sit on a shelf. that different peoplei have the ashes there to.
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what have you. i mean, i can see as you saidu said cost effective but it's just i i like personally i like thatthat separation. i feel that same way.s it is so hard.rd might make you feel more comfortable.g maybe if it's someone like aa grandmother or something like that he would go maybe they'red go mayy're going to be selling the houseing the you want to have that one must get together.. you wan may be at grandma's house whohouse o just passed i can see thate that you're not living in it. i know. i'm curious whate other peopleple might be thinking about this.. we want to know what you think would you host a funeral at your head over to vote on on our web poll and go back to our to o facebook page leave a commentmmen there to. all right. we'll talk about it. it. said to talk about. it's a trend. save some money.
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nd different ways toays t saveo a good idea.. true.true. thanks.anks. it will happen.pen. bound to happen. we are doing weather from your school todayr and we're wearing the colors purple for the magic is down there purplere pu and rpwhite check in with a.j. i n w colby live there as well and hisll a purple attire a little csi goingin on tghere. this is bcson csi barberton. you like that. some time to time we come upcome with something witty. guys tell us a little bit aboutbo the program before we hit the weatt her. anthony what do you think.k. this is what we do for crimer c scene different types ofof scenarios we have evidence.ence. we have different things that weat w put to name the evidence.dence we have a laser you can use for ballistics to test bullet path. what is she doing over their writing something down is thereher a missing cupcake. what are we.
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kinds of different stuff.ha there's cupcakes missing. we've got tape measure evidencee n left behind somebody left a picture behind. plenty of clues to solve this mystery.y.myste exactly. actly . what a great program. my goodness. d future fbi agents here can i get a little lenience ahead of timet by any chance.ance no. all right let's check the forecast storm foxox doppler radarar and we'll have the eight day coming up with thesewe'll hav fine students here in just a moment.m you can see some snow is out there doesn't take a detectivetive to know those snowflakes are going to affect clevelandkn andand will continue to press offff toward the used here's a wider view clouds radar together ande the cloud cover a film of cards continues through the day today. possibility for some snowsnow showers as well temperatures are chilly in the 20sel the windsw aloft and you see the mild willd w
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air coming iny behind our mildi weather system.we that is athe thbig news is highs near 50 degreesne for a couple of days in maps in motion highhigh pressure builds in and we will scour out of the clouds forlouds for tomorrow may be even tonight skies will clear and allow temperatures to drop. ow showers this morning could putod down in inches specially outou east. ea that's nothing compared to what is there already.nothing compare tonight i should say.say 15 and ancillaries and clearing out. coldere c teens for nighttime lowsnigh inlandtti most likely closer to upper single digits especiallyia ll if skies clear quickly. tomorrow near 30s. sunshine scattered clouds. and30s. still a chill in the but really it will be nice toce see the sun don't you agree anthony.. haven't seen the sun in a while. it's been sometime some goodoo
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for thursday it will be mostlyly sunny skies and chilly the high will be around 30 degrees. for friday plenty of cloud'ss windy and a little bit chance of showers with a high near 50 degrees.wi can you do any better than that. that i think i could. think for saturday partly sunnyi could fairly pleasant high temperaturepe 47 degrees. degrees. for sunday partly sunny skieski may be a passing shower high ofof 44 degrees and monday anothery chance of snow and high of 36 degrees.he a fine job. partly sunny and for wednesdayd there's more of the same. partly sunny skies andnd uneventful high temperatures around 32 once again.u i think they all have futurestu and something smart. and if they are doing smartrt stuff and will be what you see in ffrof ntand will of you.u. i feel safer already how about you great job.
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coming up fox8 news at 9:00 a.m.0 a.m somebody shooting at vehicles oni highways. coming up here how many carsa were shot at and how police hope to track down the trigger man.t down goes the details behind this fall as hes he was shaking hands at a stadium.ium. one family gave their neighbors quite a scare find out why police surrounded a home and a what was really happening inside
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welcome back back eryo president obamnea weighed in on the race for the white house. yesterday. t race day. he did not say who he thinks will replace him but he did sayce h who he thinks it won't but i continue to believe that mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is because i haveis becaus e i a lot of faith in the american people and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job.nize that be it's not hosting a talk show or a reality show. it's not promotion. it's not marketing. it's hard, and a lot of peoplet . count on us getting it right.etting right. the president was responding to a question, during a summit in the california. donald trump said he considersld t the criticism a great compliment.rump said he cons an emotional return to the stage
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of death metal, in paris. night, f you have no idea how much i needea how much i you tonight. and you have not let me down. the american group was there to finish the show they started, with the terror attacks happen people storm the concert hall and killed 89 people.e led 89 pe. last night's concert which was ht's held at a different venue was sold out. concncheld at a d in the ifaudience were hundreds offeresold o. survivors, and relatives of the people who were killed.were k. a team of 30 psychologists were on hand in case anybody wantedany to talk about the situation.bod apple says it will not helpy federal investigators break into an iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. a federal judge has ordered talk about thhelp rs iphone ed byred apple to give the fbi theo software it needs to unlock the give th phone used by syed farook.syed faro farook and his wife opened fire his wife pen ed f at a holiday luncheon in december, and killed 14 people they were killed in a shootout. federal prosecutors told the judge they can't access the thehe county owned work phone, because they don't know the pass code.e.feproseccan't acss t apple calls the order governmentent
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could make millions of apple devices vulnerable to hackers. and a series of shootings along the highway in oklahoma. authorities say eight vehicles were shot over the past week, along i75 near tulsa.of shootinig six walmart trucks were hit, butt truck a company spokesman says they do not believe they're a target. so far no one has been injured,were hit, spys they and local police have recovered bullets from some of the vehicles. following major developing newsew right now. wayne dawson with a look at what is justok trip to mexico has when the popeo will probably not soon forget weot soonorg toldet you he was pulled into aed into a wheelchair now we are learningre that asle he was heading to mexico the plane he was in head by aa laser.r. audio recordings reveal on theal o final approach ton mexico cityity the pilots reported being hit by an intense green beam from am a distance of about 15 miles away. aircraft landed moments laternts lter without any other problems thank goodness. two aircraft following the pope's jet reported raft following beingein attacked by lasers no word on
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that's what's just in now back to you.c all right. thanks so much.u. the scare pope francis hadha during his trip to mexico if youy hadn't heard this we're going to show it to you now.g to the pope was shaking hands at a sh washa king stadium when he was pulled onto a child in a wheelchair. apparently someone grabbed hissomeone gra clothing, and he lost his balance.bbed h the pope scolded those responsible, as a speaker on the public address system warned the crowd to stay calm.ltay calm. the pope wraps up his visit today. he could have been injured. my goodness. absolutely agoju with a prayer for undocumented immigrants who have died trying to cross the border into the united states.rayer forr best what he's doing you know you did something wrong when the pope's gold do you. yo you can just he is a person you a person can't just pull at him. y police in montana surrounded a home, after a worried neighbor called them.r but the residents were nott fighting instead they were just watching, the walking dead.he resi
9:27 am
nighom said he heard screaming coming som eone from a home and someone yelling about having a gun.he heardcreamingngfrom a when police got there they found two adults police and some children allll watching the premiere of the amc show the zombie hit the windows were openmb family was told toy was t turn it downo and a lot ofa lot screaming going on. a lot of screaming or sounds likeds li the green room right now. we apologize not really surereallyure what's happening over there. having a good time.veod time. all right coming up a church inurc a shooting range were a localoca church wants to build a range it what needs to be done to make it a reality.o hear what one localt one superintendent is accused of doing it who is nnow calli ng for an c
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you will will require from abraham automall also hot tub from lighthouse pools and spas and other fabulous prizes cannot call until tomorrow morning at 6:00 not going to happen. you could hostess you know youro
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also companies that you can hire that will take care services at your homeo o were also wondering would you do it in your house. if your loved one had that's why they were laughing. sometimes it's going to be a sad i don't know that we make a good point looking at that video from earlier it would be more fun in your home. i guess it in the early 19ar hundreds they called what they called the death room because
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this at the bodies room. housekeepers one of them no longer of death is called a living it's always been known from all of us. that'sm i thought they did back in the day. i today's different people of other feelings about i understandndif it's probably very
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to be done. doesn't matter when i director who i was because i don't want any of thatwho and then adrian says i'm going to answer the second this without was done your years ago i went y to one back in the day and it is we asked you would you post a funeral at your house the majority said yesyo 55 percent ance than 44 percent said no. think of the cost. there are certain things that
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procedural type things headed three people in the right way. you obviously have to deal with people who are that's very have funeral she will who funeral the wind with the rules and regulations are two. would somebody be able to have a funeralo thank you for your comments. thank you kristi capel. think about that we have a warning for pet owners height you can help make sure that your
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it's always fun to have a snowball fight with all the snow what happened after the three -year-older challenged a police officer to the family snowball
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is is is is is you are saying s you should never give out any
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social mediaer now you can soon order that, it's a mcdonald's this franchise and south korea will start selling bruise. you're hoping it will sales the make beer is limited to one per parker police are trained to deal with somera of the most dangerous criminals how you train for this an officer in kentucky with it was snowballs by cute little three -year-old girl the department stateb facebook page an officer was busyic patrolled the streets when out of nowhere he was approached by an adorable three years old dress dress in a pinkor and purple snowan sits who challenged him to a snowball fight the officer
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situation to no avail this little snow angel like many snow angelsn her age was very determined how cute that's adorable. might be melting all that snow with really smart kids. supersmart and they've got some really anme incredible programs down here and barberton home of the magic kids were going to talk about their new same program. kayla. tell us about a little bit about the program. it gives ahead start for college to give us a wife if nurses what we really want to do.
9:43 am
is our nurses at which is blood taking we have a partnership which we do our clinicals there before we take this. we get hands-on patient care on a bunch of different players that's fantastic. and we have some of your colleagues over here toff not ashley ashley doesn't want to talk.k. tells a little bit about what you're headed for. the attending the university of akron and bonus of the advances nursing is that we have five
9:44 am
students in our program. she looks pretty healthy to me her vital signs are partea of veryer important part of nursing that gives you the baselinet measure the progress to the treatment. very good. thank you very much.ea and now you do have four different schools.
9:45 am
school and wadsworth high school thank you so much ladies. if you like to participate in weather from your schoolif you can go right to and click on the morning show tab will have more from barberton coming out.ha students are in big trouble after a photo goes public with our american flight. things don't go as planned in their latest routine. what's cleveland doing in this
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will you deeply regrets. wayne doctor lanza for the
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was arrested unbelievable. lindsay rid of the $100 bill. he cites another push have
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people breaking the law. all my gosh. morning he is following in his grandmother's pawprints his grandmother, are also one does show backe in 2005 the fan favorite was the lamb burger who
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handlers pocket for a tree it's a great it's a very good movie that's i will sayi not been against it. beautiful sport. career thing. through the new star wars they give you did ones to 162 weeks.ek
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web video of the day. that's amazing. that is so cool. that's really cool. look at that. all my gosh. todd and not that we do it a lot. those two minutes to your we like to watch movie trailers. because he get it done. we need to know the reference to
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>> speaking of movies david moss it is in the other studio with natalie. i'm going to tell you why. we were just talking about movies they want me to bring supermannt that's what i was bring superman here.s we're also in a different studio have a different show coming upff at 10:00 on going to make something that sort of disks different way making the slow cooker is going to be barbecue style without going out tot were talking about spring with a couple different thingsal even close and on top of that turning his face into a greens eighth and we scott beautiful flowers you
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then. y don't. sheba entrees are made with real meat, and unlike the big brands, sheba recipes never contain corn, wheat, soy or artificial flavors. p p sheba . pure cat appeal
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or visit look at this. it is an acrobatic team they are used to doing this all the time.e they
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end. lit all right. well, here we are. have a great day. w >> will come to new day cleveland. i am david moss and we are in the kitchen. we are
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